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Opti-Minds Team wins award at Opti-Minds National Championships

Congratulations to our Purple Opti-Minds Team who recently won the ‘Spirit of Opti-Minds’ award at the National Opti-Minds Championships!

Article sourced from Mandurah Coastal Times


A FREDERICK Irwin Anglican School Opti-Minds Team won a Spirit of Opti-Minds Award at the Opti-Minds National Championships in Brisbane.

The award, which was given to only five of the 109 teams competing for the National Title, covered their approach to the 20/20 Ideas Forum, their teamwork and the way they respected and valued each other during the challenge.

At the 20/20 Opti-Vision Youth Forum, the Purple Team presented their topic Go Green, which emphasised combining love of technology, smartphones and iPads, with get up, go out into the environment and geocache.

Primary learning enrichment teacher and Opti-Minds Organiser Cheryle Rudland said their idea was like a treasure hunt.

“When out in the environment, the Purple Team wanted people to be aware of all the ways they can help our lovely environment, and particularly CITO which is ‘cache in trash out’, therefore, helping our environment by collecting trash as people geocache,” she said.

“The Purple Team was a very dedicated group, and it was easy to see from the bond in the team why these students won their awards.”

Opti-Minds 2017
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