YouTube: The Good and The Bad

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YouTube – The Good and The Bad

Written by Year 10 CyberLeader, Kayla Pilkington

At some point, we’ve probably all been on YouTube. You might have watched some gaming videos or some DIY tutorials, but no matter what, we’ve all seen the good and bad sides of YouTube. If you’ve ever looked at the comments on a video, you will know that there are always the nice ones, but sadly, always the not so nice ones. I’m going to give you some tips on staying safe while you are on YouTube, from watching videos to starting your own!

Turn on Restricted mode
First of all, scroll right down to the bottom of your YouTube page and look for this box:

YouTube Restricted Mode
Turn this on, it will prevent you from watching unsafe videos that could be inappropriate.

Report inappropriate content
Make sure if you do view a video that is inappropriate, you stop watching and report the video like this:
YouTube Report

This will protect others from viewing the inappropriate video.

It is perfectly okay to show your appreciation for a video by pressing the like button, but always be careful when you decide to comment. Be polite, make sure your comment is not offensive to anyone (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.). If you want to give the video maker some tips, give constructive criticism, but also praise them for the work, rather than being mean or rude about it.

If you are an older YouTube user, you may wish to start making videos yourself. Ask for your parent’s/guardian’s permission before you turn on a camera and upload. They may not wish for you to make videos, and that is okay, but they may be okay with you making videos. If you are young, you may not wish to show your face, or be known by your real name.

Protect your identity
Use a user name, such as popular Minecraft YouTuber stampylonghead. This keeps people from finding personal information.

There you go! Follow these simple rules and you can stay safe on YouTube! Enjoy your time, but remember not to be mean or offensive and to only watch age-appropriate videos.

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