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2016 Tim Winton Young Writers Competition

During Term 2, budding writers from Years 1 to 6 attended after-school writing workshops each week to hone their craft and produce captivating and engaging stories that we once again submitted into the 2016 Tim Winton Young Writers Competition.

This year we had 26 entries in the Lower, Middle and Upper Primary categories. Last Friday afternoon we held an afternoon tea in the Creative Learning Space where parents and family members were invited to enjoy the stories entered into the Awards and celebrate three of our talented writers receiving Highly Commended certificates of merit.

Congratulations to Andrew Gilleece, Bailey Anderson and Felicity Gillett.

We look forward to providing many more students the opportunity to enter these prestigious awards again in 2017.

Kind regards

Bronte Morgan
Enrichment Coordinator

Tim Winton Writing


An excerpt from ‘Curiosity Kills’ by Felicity Gillett:

Sebastian was a curious boy, so when the old man in the town of Bushington informed him about a mysterious train, Sebastian couldn’t resist.

It was a crisp morning on the 12th of June and Sebastian was out running his paper run when he came across the crazy man who always sits in front of the church feeding the birds. Sebastian usually rides straight past him on his bike, but today something was different. Today the old man confronted Sebastian directly. “You. You boy, come here I have something to tell you.”

Intrigued, he approached the old man. “Listen good boy. Never catch the train on the 13th of the 6th month at the time of 6:13 otherwise, corrupt things will happen to you.” But being the curious boy that Sebastian was, he ignored the warning.


An excerpt from ‘Underground Treasure’ By Andrew Gilleece:

On a cool sunny day, Tom was walking by a wavy river. Suddenly he fell in the river when he stepped on a slippery rock. While he was trying to escape the current, Tom saw an old rusty piece of metal.

“What is that?”  he thought.  Tom decided to have a look at the piece of metal. It smelled like the rubbish and it felt like bumpy roads. Tom could see lines and some landmarks. On one side of the metal piece Tom could see an X! It was a map to treasure!

“How exiting!” Tom said in a loud voice and rushed back to his house where he hid his old treasure map under his pillow.


An excerpt from ‘DEEP IN THE BURROW’ By Bailey Anderson:

Seven fully grown rabbits huddled in the corner of a recently dug burrow, whispering urgently to each other.” We can’t leave,” fretted the youngest of the seven.

“We don’t really have a choice Daisy,” mumbled a plain white rabbit impatiently.

“We always have a choice White!” exclaimed a grey buck with bold silver swirls that danced around in his fur.

“It’s pointless staying here,” grumbled the largest of the seven in a harsh, stern voice. Many of the rabbits winced as he swept his cold, unforgiving gaze over them.

“Scar there is still hope,” whispered a tall reddish brown buck nervously.




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