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Wontok Pilgrimage 2017 ‘One Voice’

On Friday 26 May, 14 members of the Frederick Irwin Anglican School Walkabout 2018 traveled by train to All Saints College, Bull Creek, to participate in the annual Wontok Conference.

The students were accompanied by the staff who will journey with them to Myanmar in January 2018.

Wontok means ‘One Voice’ and the aim of the conference is to make students aware of the impact developed countries have upon developing countries. Students are randomly allocated to groups with students from other schools and, after an initial introduction and ‘scene setter’ talk by Rebecca from PNG, students spent until lunchtime working through a series of ‘hands-on’ workshops. Topics covered included global warming, women’s and citizens’ rights, health and the spread of disease, a developing country’s economy and world impact on income.

The socialising aspect of the day is also important as students mixed freely with students from other independent schools and got to know each other better, in preparation for Myanmar 2018.

Many thanks to All Saints College for hosting the day that was developed by the Anglican Board of Mission – Australia.
Wontok Pilgrimage 2018

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