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Cambodia Pilgrimage 2018 – Video Footage

The Cambodia 2018 Pilgrimage was a memorable journey for both the students and staff, and this video allows us a sneak peek into what was discovered along the way.

“I think when going on a pilgrimage everyone is searching for something different, but throughout the process of searching for what we want out of the trip you discover things that you hadn’t yet considered, and I think that’s what pilgrimage is about. It helps you discover so much more about yourself, other people, and for me it helped me find and make and confirm what I want to do in the future. For me, this trip was all about self-discovery which I believe will help me in my choices in the future.” Maddi Ward

If you would like to read more about the Pilgrimage, please view the blog posts here:

Thank you once again to Keana Naughton for editing the footage and creating this wonderful video.

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