Secondary Cross Country 2022

Sports Updates Monday, 23 May 2022

Our Secondary Inter-House Cross Country for 2022 was held on Friday 6 May during periods 4 and 5. Yet another beautiful Autumn day provided perfect weather conditions for the run. 

With the threat of COVID impacts still hanging over us, it was really great to finally be able to hold a whole school event with students from Years 7 to 12. Running is not everyone’s favourite activity, however despite this, it was really pleasing to see 270 students prepared to take on the challenge and participate in support of their House in the true spirit of competition.  We have a great little course, approximately three kilometres of tracks, that includes a variety of terrain, around the boundaries of the school grounds and ovals. 

Congratulations to all those students who participated in support of their Houses. There can only ever be one winner and we recognise the excellent performances of our individual champions but we must also acknowledge the superb efforts of all those who competed.

Competition points were allocated on individual times run not placing, encouraging all competitors to record their personal best performances. The faster the time run by students the more points they would earn for their House. There was less than ten minutes separating 1st to last place in all age groups which is a phenomenal effort. The overall points championship in the end was extremely closely contested with only one point separating all place getters. Just a few more runners for any House could have changed the result and we look forward to even more runners taking on the challenge in 2023.

Congratulations to all Individual Champions and Rose House on taking out the Overall Championship for 2022. 

Year 7 Girls
1st Megan Maley - Arnold
2nd Amber Gardner - Ellis

Year 7 Boys
1st Huey David - Arnold
2nd Jayden Tunbridge - Rose

Year 8 Girls
1st Amelia Holtich - Gordon
2nd Riley Allan - Rose

Year 8 Boys

1st Brock Caporn - Rose
2nd Alfie Edwards - Rose

Year 9 Girls
1st Chelsea Maley - Arnold
2nd Ashley Bailey - Jamieson

Year 9 Boys
1st Bailey Gibbs - Arnold
2nd Liam Riegert - Rose

Year 10 Girls
1st Serena Quinn - Jamieson
2nd Amelia Cook -  Arnold

Year 10 Boys
1st Logan Rowely - Ellis
2nd Pierce Clay - Ellis

Year 11 Girls
1st Kate Logue - Rose
2nd Mila Marwick - Ellis

Year 11 Boys
1st Will Hayes - Ellis
2nd cooper Gray - Jamieson

Year 12 Girls
1st Sydney Meares - Arnold
2nd Carys Brown - Arnold

Year 12 Boys
1st Michael Baker - Gordon
2nd Stephen Taylor - Rose

Final Results:

1st Rose 291

2nd Arnold 290

3rd Ellis 276

4th Gordon 245

5th Barrett 220

6th Jamieson 198

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