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‘Birds of Prey’ Incursion

As part of the Year 7 and Year 11 Biology programmes, a school incursion was arranged which involved a visit by a Swan River based bird sanctuary ‘Birds of Prey’.

This organisation specialises in caring for injured birds of prey such as wedge tailed eagles, owls and falcons, and the visit was spread over two days, involving the participation of nearly two hundred students.

Classes and individuals had the opportunity to interact with the many live specimens that were brought in, with students given the opportunity to hold selected birds, including the wedge tailed eagle, and carry out an analysis of what these magnificent creatures eat.

The students used a variety of scientific equipment such as dissecting microscopes and identification charts to assist them in this activity as part of the very informative and ‘hands on’ visit.

Kind regards

Mr Mark McFetridge
Head of Science

Birds of Prey
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