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From the Head of Primary Meadow Springs – Newsletter Edition 08, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We have come to the end of Semester 1, and I can wholeheartedly say that it has been an experience different from any previous year I have known. The learning experiences have been both face-to-face and online and this has added an extra element to teaching, learning and assessment. Workbooks for English and Mathematics were sent home either at the end of Week 9 or earlier this week and these books should have enabled you to see the day-to-day work of the students. Unfortunately, this semester we have had to cancel events that have involved visitors to the campus and this has certainly been something we have missed.

We look forward to opportunities to welcome you back in Semester 2. Assemblies, Worship Services, Sporting events and Special occasion and Founders’ Day celebrations are all planned for the next term. The calendar on the website will enable you to plan for these opportunities as they arise.

This term, the students in Kindergarten to Year 2 have enjoyed ‘Bush Investigations’ once a week and, judging by the conversations I have shared with many students, these visits to the bush are very popular. These investigations will continue in Term 3. We have had the trees assessed by an arborist and a risk assessment of the area was conducted. Protocols for using the bush have been developed. Sustainability practices are crucial and the students developing an appreciation of the land on which they stand and learn is important. Mrs Stirling and the teachers have put a lot of work into making this area an outside learning space and I thank them for their work. I feel we are fortunate to have such a great resource on our doorstep.

Semester 1 Reports will be available on Monday 3 August from 4.30pm on SEQTA Engage for students from Pre-Primary to Year 6, and the Kindergarten reports will be sent home with the students as they attend in that week. Parents and caregivers can request an interview if they wish and can contact their child’s teacher to arrange a time for early in the term if required. Teachers may also wish to see you if they have not had the opportunity through a PTO meeting and will contact you early in the term.

In Term 3, we have a staff change. Mrs Annelise van den Elzen who has taught Music to Year 3 and Drama to Pre-Primary, this year will not be returning in Semester 2 so another Music teacher has been appointed. Ms Josephine Foo will be joining the Meadow Springs Primary staff from the start of next term. Thank you to Mrs van den Elzen for her work with the students over Semester 1.

I wish everyone a relaxing and refreshing break and look forward to the exciting experiences Semester 2 will bring. Thank you to the staff for their efforts over what has been an extremely challenging semester. Thank you to the families for supporting us in our endeavours and thank you to the students who are the reason we do what we do. Holidays bring an opportunity to spend valuable and meaningful time with our families so I hope everyone has a fun-filled, safe and restful holiday!

Kind regards
Sue Skehan

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