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‘The Children’ – Year 12 General Drama Production

In Week 3 of Term 2, Year 12 General Drama students performed their presentational production of ‘The Children’ in the Oakmont Theatre over two nights to audiences of parents, staff and students.

‘’The Children’ describes a journey – one which could start from any modern town.

The play is like a map of the ancient rite of passage – the journey of learning to take responsibility for one’s actions. A group of teenagers try to escape their own guilt. It comes down to bare survival.

The young people who go on a journey in ‘The Children’ are the only ones who can save themselves as they learn to replace revenge with justice, and anger with compassion. But at what cost?

The script was challenging to tackle with its fast-paced nature and intense subject, but the students managed to give a mature and dynamic performance. The event was a huge success as the Year 12s worked brilliantly as an ensemble.

Kind regards

Ms Sophie Rowland
Drama Teacher

The Children
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