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Message from the Principal – Issue 06, 19 May 2017

Dear Parents

The Library

The Library is always a busy place at recess and especially lunchtimes with many activities, in addition to choosing books and completing of homework, taking place. The Makerspace area is a hive of activity with virtual reality ‘tours’, craft, Lego and other building activities happening regularly. Elsewhere in the Library students are also often seen building puzzles together or reading quietly in the many comfortable spaces which have been created for just such an activity. I suspect that as the days grow colder, even more students will find their way to the Library during recess and lunch, particularly as other activities are introduced into this lovely space in our School.

This past week, the Library has been filled to capacity at times with the Book Fair in full swing. The Fair continues until next Friday (25 May), and students and their parents are encouraged to come and have a look at the books on offer.

On any school day, the Library is usually open from 8:00am and closes at 4:15pm. If parents would like to accompany their children to the Library before and after school, Mrs Anne Johannesen (Head of Library), and her staff will be happy to see you.


With so many co-curricular activities happening every day at Frederick Irwin, it seems a pity to single out one or two to report on. However, I must comment on the outstanding Year 10 productions, Snagged and Talking to Brick Walls, which I attended on Wednesday night. I really felt as if I had a night out at the theatre and was sorry to have missed the Year 12 productions Our Place and Driving into Walls last week (due to a meeting in Perth). However, Mr Pennycott did attend and reported that these too was fantastic! Well done to all involved.


We are now well into the winter sports season with our many teams both enthusiastic and committed to giving of their best. It is a great delight to see the energy out on the fields and courts almost every afternoon as students train and play matches. This gives the school ‘life’ and creates a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere.

Open Morning

We held a very successful Open Morning yesterday (Thursday 18 May), with 23 families (about 80 people) attending. As always, there was an air of busyness and productiveness from the classrooms as we walked around the school and, also as always, the grounds looked immaculate.

We are trying a new format for Open Morning this year which gives a number of staff members the opportunity to show our visitors around, and me the chance to talk with a larger number and answer questions.

Thank you to all involved and especially our Year 6 Captains who brought our visitors from the car-park to the Oakmont Theatre at the start, and conversed so eloquently and with such passion about our School.

Please ensure that you also visit the ‘Latest News’ section of our website, or click the links below, so you can keep up to date with some of the wonderful activities and achievements of students and staff over the last few, and upcoming, weeks.

You can also view the latest editions of the Anglican Messenger and the Southern Anglican via our website.

Kind regards

Kerry Robertson

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