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Message from the Head of Primary – Issue 06, 19 May 2017

Dear Parents

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been observing with interest the construction of Stage 1 of the new nature playground. As it takes shape the students have been expressing their excitement about soon being able to explore the area. As part of the development, once this stage is finished, I will be asking for expressions of interest to form a small committee of community members to help in revamping the large sandpit, that is adjacent to the new development, to make it more inviting as a play area.

Students in Pre-Primary to Year 2 have been engaging in their swimming lessons over the past two weeks and by all accounts they have coped with the change of routine very well and have enjoyed the lessons and are proud of their achievements.

Over Term 2 and 3, we will be changing our morning routine from daily fitness activities to reading. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings the students will be able to read within their blocks. Parents and other family members are invited to remain and read with, or to, their child and others. This time is designed as a calm start to the day where we can share books of interest and stories. Students may read alone, with friends or be read to. Favourite texts can be brought from home and shared or books can be chosen from within the classrooms. As with Daily Fitness, at 8.45am the students will return to their own classrooms to begin the learning for the day. Having read to students today as part of the Read Aloud event for the Book Fair, I am looking forward to sharing some of my favourite stories with the students during this time.

Workbooks will be sent home next week for families to discuss the children’s learning. In each child’s diary there is a comment sheet to provide feedback which could be used to form future learning goals.

Kind regards

Sue Skehan
Head of Primary




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