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Message from the Deputy Head of Primary – Issue 07, 9 June 2017

Dear Parents

House Days

In the next few weeks we will have both the Rose and Ellis House days. When I go into classrooms to hand out notes for the day, I’m always thrilled with the excitement of the students when they realise that their House day is approaching. I think it’s wonderful that the students are enthusiastic and excited about these days, and have seen firsthand the community spirit they are building. The House services in the morning have been a valuable addition and although our House services often fill the Chapel, we welcome any parent or family member to attend.


I would like to thank everyone for their support of our uniform policy. I often speak to children about needing a trim to their hair and they in turn inform me that their parents have already booked an appointment. This support is appreciated, but also assists in upholding the high expectations we value at Frederick Irwin. With this said, could I also please ask that we give attention to the following uniform guidelines;

For girls could we please ensure that minimum dress and skirt length be such that it reaches the knee.

For both boys and girls, when the tie is worn, all buttons of the shirt be done up. Socks are also pulled up.


Self-Management is a social emotional competency and an important skill that we try to foster in our students. As part of our ‘Friendly Schools’ curriculum, teachers work closely with students to help them identify and manage their emotions. In my role I often speak to students when they are having difficulties with their peers or in managing a conflict with others. Often students have difficulty identifying how they are feeling and the emotions that they are experiencing. By assisting students in identifying their emotions, I find that reaching a resolution or path forward in conflict becomes easier. The following is an excerpt from KidsMatter which outlines strategies that families can use to assist their children in managing their emotions.

Kind regards

Noah Clark
Deputy Head of Primary


KidsMatter Issue 07
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