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Primary Eco-Committee 2017

The Eco-Committee worked hard on a number of items during Term 2, and presented their progress at Assembly in Week 8.

“First of all, thank you to all of you who helped us trial the multi-coloured recycling bins around the school. It was great to see so many of you get involved in the recycling process and we have learned a lot from it. We have decided to delay collecting anymore food scraps until we are able to purchase a bigger worm farm as we have far more food waste than the farm can process.

Chip packets and other soft plastics can now go in our ‘plastic bag recycling box’ and we would really encourage you all to drop your soft plastics in there. PLEASE do not put any food scraps in here and make sure whatever you were eating is completely finished first. Thanks to Mrs Forrester for dropping off our first collection at the Coles recycling point.

We are still collecting batteries and our bin is filling up nicely. At recess on Monday we will be handing out battery bags for those who feel they can collect some for us at home, or from members of their extended family. We would love our bin to be full to the brim by the end of next term.

We have had an amazing response from the bread clip collection and would like to give a special shout out to 1F and 3W. Next term we would like to run a similar recycling project so stay tuned for more details.

You have hopefully noticed our new stickers that we have placed on the hand towel dispensers around the school. They are simple but effective and say ‘These come from trees!’ Hopefully they make you think twice before pulling out lots of hand towels after washing your hands.

We would like to give a big thank you to you all, including you very busy teachers, for involving yourself in our paper recycling bin competition. We know that everyone already uses scrap paper in their classrooms, but this is for paper that cannot be reused.

The products were very impressive and will be a great visual to help remind people to recycle in the classroom. It was a difficult decision picking the winner but we would like to congratulate them on having the most creative paper recycling box!

We have also been inspecting inside and outside classrooms to check for litter and energy wastage. Congratulations to the winner of this term’s ‘Green Classroom Award’.

Many thanks to you all once again and we look forward to catching up with you next term to share more exciting initiatives. Remember, come and chat to us if you have any ideas and suggestions!

Eco-Committee 2017 Primary
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