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Economics this Semester – Schools Sharemarket Game

During the Economics unit in HASS this semester we taught Year 10 students about investing and the Australian Sharemarket.

As part of the course, students were able to put into practice what they were learning by playing the Schools Sharemarket Game facilitated by the ASX. Students received a virtual $50,000 that they could invest over a 10 week period, in 200 companies listed on the ASX. The prices students bought and sold at are the same prices as they would get in the ‘live’ market, so this was as close to real life share trading as you can get.

As a result of playing the game, our students developed their knowledge of the sharemarket, learned how to research companies, discovered the importance of wise investment decisions and gained a greater knowledge of economic and world events.

Congratulations to our top ranking team from Frederick Irwin who finished the competition in 29th place out of a field of over 1500 teams in Western Australia.

The members of our top ranking team were: Hannah KNOWLES JAM3, Emma HOSON GOR6, Jakayla STONE ROS7 and Tahlia CAMPBELL GOR2.

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