2016 Sydney and Canberra Trip

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2016 Sydney/Canberra Trip

Written by Year 12 Student, Ainsley Jones.

The 6th of April saw sixteen Year 12 students, accompanied by Mr Asphar and Mrs Logue, head to Perth airport and make way to Canberra. While we Trekkers enjoyed the start of the trip eager and excited, the poor teachers had a rocky start. Mrs Logue’s phone died as she got to the airport and had to rush to buy a new one, while Mr Asphar, who has a great fear of flying, was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Our plane touched down at 10:30pm Canberra time, which we sleepily staggered out with our luggage to meet Geoff, our friendly personal bus driver. Our eyes were soon wide open as we saw, for most of us, Canberra for the first time. In Canberra, we got to venture through Parliament House, the Old Parliament House, the War Memorial, High Court of Australia, and drive through the embassies, as well as view both the National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum. Canberra opened our eyes politically, legally and culturally.

On the drive from Canberra to Sydney, most of us enjoyed turning the centre of the bus into our politics card game “bollix.”

When arriving at the first hotel, unloading suitcases from the bus and watching our bus drive off, we quickly realised we were at the wrong hotel and had to drag our luggage down a very long, crowded road to the right hotel.  We certainly discovered the hustle and bustle of Sydney life first hand.

Although still experiencing some educational tours such as The Rocks, University of Notre Dame Sydney and the Sydney Opera House, Sydney was our time to. This meant lots of shopping, seeing a movie, and of course the classy river cruise with a delicious three course meal.

The trip had many highlights including the river cruise, shopping, sightsee and taking selfies with Mr Asphar, as well as the opportunity to learn a lot and experience many new places. On behalf of all the 2016 Sydney/Canberra Trekkers, we’d like to thank everyone who was a part of organising the trip and a special big thank you the Mr Asphar and Mrs Logue for making the trip even more special. We will hold these memories for life.

Sydney Canberra Trip 2016



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