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Gordon House Day 2017

Gordon House Day began with a delicious bacon and egg muffin barbecue during Week 4 of Term 3, where both Primary and Secondary students from across all Houses could purchase their breakfast, which was held to raise funds for Gordon’s House Charity, Breast Cancer Care WA.

Eucharist came next for Gordon House members, where a touching speech was given by a student about why the House had chosen Breast Cancer Care WA for their charity, followed by Father Noel’s Jenga game metaphor and a fun sing-along where Primary students definitely were heard above the Secondary voices!

Lunchtime needed to be moved indoors due to the inclement weather, but that didn’t stop Primary students from enjoying their special lunches and spending time with Gordon House Seniors, before drawing the 2017 House Mascot Raffle.

The special extended Lunch Sports were held in the Secondary gymnasium and included activities such as bucket throw, soccer kick-out, tug-of-war, flag-belt chasey, sack races and face painting.

Another fantastic day celebrating House Spirit!
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