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Care Packages for Expectant Mothers

Well done to Caitlin and Brooke who hand delivered Care Packages to Peel Maternity Hospital, they will be very well received by new mothers!

Year 12 Home Economics Frederick Irwin Anglican School students, Caitlin Brown and Brooke Palmer, created unique Care Packages which they hand delivered to expectant mothers, at Peel Maternity Hospital on Friday 24 June 2016.

The students asked for donated items such as baby wraps, onesies, wipes, love items such as teddies and rattles, as well as hygiene items including creams, lotions, pads, cotton balls and soaps from the school and wider community.

Caitlin and Brooke were excited to deliver the Care Packages, and had been looking forward to it ever since they found out the Packages were part of their Home Economics course at the beginning of the year.

“We couldn’t wait to help out mothers in our community – it was the best feeling,” Caitlin said.

“We would like to thank students, parents and families within the school community who made donations. We couldn’t have done it without them,” Brooke said.

Peel Maternity Hospital


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