2017 Ski Trip

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Ski Trip 2017

Written by Sophia Pritchard (Year 12)

Over the July school holidays 42 adventurous Year 12 Students, and five brave teachers, took to the snow, cold and ice of Mt Perisher for the annual Ski Trip. There was an abundance of excitement, and apprehension for the week ahead, as we boarded our flight to Canberra…

Before we knew it, we had landed and it was time to ‘sleep’ in a local motel. This wasn’t high on the priority list, but most of us managed to get some shut eye…then, we were on the road again! But this time on the bus to the ski slopes.

As we got closer to Jindabyne, we got our first glimpse of snow (many of us, for the first time). For the next five days we learnt the ropes on the snow (some of us better than others) and by the end of the week we could all ski or board at a non-embarrassing level. Each night we enjoyed watching footage of the day’s exploits on the big screen, in the communal lounge. Some students were a regular highlight in the greatest stacks section, giving us all a good laugh.

It was loads of fun and we enjoyed every minute of it! We explored, skied, and stacked at all four of the ski ranges at the Perisher Resort, and we would like to thank the teachers for their effort throughout the week, as we will never forget the memories we made, including the trip’s theme song ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons (Mrs Watts made me write that!).

Canberra Ski Trip 2017
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