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Inter-House Cross Country – Secondary 2017

Our Inter-House Cross Country for 2017 was held on Friday 12 May during Periods 6, 7 and 8, and was yet another beautiful autumn day, providing perfect weather conditions for the run.

Running is not everyone’s favourite activity but, despite this, it was pleasing to see such strong representation from students prepared to participate in support of their House in the true spirit of competition.

367 students, 162 girls and 205 boys, chose to participate and contest the various year group events running 3 kilometres of tracks around the boundaries of the school grounds and ovals. To date this was the largest number of competitors to have competed in the Inter-House Cross Country.

Congratulations to all those students who participated.

There can only ever be one winner and we recognise the excellent performances of our individual champions but we must also acknowledge the superb efforts of all those who competed.

Fastest time on the day for females was Kirralee Shepherd with 10 min 34 seconds – 21 seconds faster than her time in 2016. Fastest time for males was Reece Harris with 8 minutes 34 seconds – breaking the previous record of Josh Turner by 6 seconds.

Competition points were allocated on individual times run, not placing, encouraging all competitors to record their best performances; the faster the time run by students the more points they would earn for their House.

There was less than fifteen minutes separating 1st to last places in all age groups, which was a phenomenal effort.

The overall points championship was very closely contested with only a few points separating all place getters.

Congratulations to Gordon House on taking out the overall shield for 2017!

Gordon 391 70 competitors
Jamieson 361 68 competitors
Ellis 358 59 competitors
Arnold 343 67 competitors
Rose 314 52 competitors
Barrett 291 51 competitors


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