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From the Head of Primary, Halls Head – Newsletter Edition 09, 2020

Dear Parents

We have had a very positive start to the term and, as always, I enjoyed welcoming our students back and seeing their big smiles. I have spoken to every class this week about learning and the need to set goals. I explained to our students that goals allow us to grow, and the importance of personal development. I detailed the goals process and focused on the fact that goals can change or evolve. I also spoke about the fact that goals allow us to take responsibility for our learning and give us an opportunity to reflect.

Year 5

This term we are very happy to welcome Mrs Joanne Charlesworth to Frederick Irwin as the new Year 5 teacher. Mrs Charlesworth is an experienced educator who has previously worked in the Anglican Schools Commission system. We believe that Mrs Charlesworth and Mrs Chalwell will be a positive partnership and they are looking forward to working together. Mrs Sue Kirke will come out of the classroom to increase her role as Deputy Head of Primary to support the campus. Although Mrs Kirke will miss her teaching role, this decision was made in the best interests of the School.

Physical Education

This week we have been visited by a representative from Golf WA to run an incursion for our Upper Primary students. There will also be another session in Week 2. The incursion is an introduction to golf and students will learn the fundamentals of golf in a fun, inclusive, game-based environment. I witnessed the students participating on Thursday and was very pleased to hear and see students enjoying the game. I spoke to students who had never played golf before and they were very excited about the opportunity. I would like to thank Mrs Shepherd for organising this event for our students and Golf WA for their work in offering a wonderful experience.

Student Leaders

Our House Captains and Junior Councillors will be involved over the next two weeks in organising a food drive for the Peel Community Kitchen. Homelessness Week 2020 is running in Western Australia from 2 to 8 August and focuses on solutions. We are happy that our student leaders will be involved in service learning that directly supports our community. Parents and carers will receive detailed information about the drive in the coming days. Our student leaders will also be leading an assembly on Friday 31 July. This will be an opportunity for our House Captains to speak to our students about our Core Values. Due to the delay in Phase 5 of the WA COVID-19 Road Map, we will be unable to have parents attend this assembly. We thank our community for their patience and understanding and look forward to a time when our community will be able to attend assemblies in the Hall again.

PTO Meetings

Last term we conducted our parent/teacher meetings and we were able to successfully use our digital platforms to make this possible. If you have been unable to meet with your child’s teacher, it is important to contact the School to schedule a time to speak with your child’s educator. This connection and opportunity to discuss your child’s learning is an important part of the education process.

Noah Clark

Head of Primary
Halls Head Campus

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