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Muscateers Receive Tech Boost From Local School

Great work by the I.T. Department during the Term 3 School Holidays!

Article and Image sourced from Mandurah Mail

Mandurah MuscateersThe Mandurah Muscateers take donations of computers and hardware, and turn them into useful technology made available at a heavily discounted prices for community support organisations and low income people.

The group of volunteers believe technology should be available to everyone.

Over the school holidays, Frederick Irwin Anglican School donated over 70 decommissioned computers and LCD monitors to Mandurah Muscateers.

“The devices were given to the School as part of the Federal Government’s 1:1 Computers in Schools Student Initiative, so it’s pleasing to see them continuing to help in the education of the wider community,” Frederick Irwin IT manager Dean Smith said.

“We love to hear about Mandurah expanding as a regional technology hub, so this was a perfect opportunity to recycle the computers.”

Mandurah Muscateers Vice President, Mr Kevin Diamond, said that Mandurah Muscateers were grateful for the donation.

“The computers end up being given to benefit cards holders, like Seniors and Veteran Affairs, as well as disadvantaged families, the Peel Youth Centre and refuge centres in the Peel District.

“It is always so rewarding to be able to pass on new donations to these groups in need,” he said.

Located at 7/3 Rafferty Road in Mandurah, Mandurah Muscateers is always happy to answer questions about their service or the donation of machines.

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