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Frederick Irwin CyberLeaders

The Year 10 CyberLeaders have been busy creating CyberSafety posters to display around the School.

They have been writing help articles for students which are displayed on the School’s student CyberSafety website. They are also preparing to speak to Year 5 students this term about the safe use of social media.


Amy Havlin
Amy enjoys the fun side of working with younger students to teach them about CyberSafety. She is keen to be recognised as a student leader at Frederick Irwin Anglican School, making a positive contribution to the education of students in the School on digital citizenship. Her energy and enthusiasm make her a great role model for younger students.

Kayla Pilkington
Kayla is an enthusiastic student who is passionate about digital design and using techniques in advertising messages. She is proud of her role as a CyberLeader and is keen to help Frederick Irwin Anglican School students learn how to be safe online and improve their digital footprints. Kayla encourages members of the school community to be positive digital citizens.

Melissa Richards
Melissa is a new member. She is looking forward to teaching the younger generation strategies to overcome some of the difficulties she and her friends have faced, when online. She is passionate about the safe use of digital technologies and values her role as CyberLeader in sharing this positive message to students in the School.

Daniel Hart
Daniel is a new member. He is enthusiastic about helping others and has lots of ideas on how to educate young people about CyberSafety. Daniel relates well with his peers and is a natural leader.

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