School Notices Thursday, 15 Oct 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers


To ensure communication between home and School is efficient and easy, we are pleased to announce a substantial improvement to the way that we collect and manage important information about our Secondary students initially and Primary students in the future; significantly, how we maintain medical information about our students and information on events and excursions. The accuracy and management of student records is a critical process for the School.

The School has recently trialled a new automated system that will provide positive advancements in areas such as camps, excursion and incursions. Our new system will also ensure that there is clear and consistent communication between the School and parents/legal guardians to ensure that optimum care is provided for all of our students.

Next week all Secondary parents will receive a personalised email with a link to commence the process of uploading their son/daughter’s current health records ( All information is stored within Australia in a Tier 1 environment, complying with Australian privacy requirements.

You will be required to provide information relating to:

Parent information/Emergency contacts
Care details
Medical information
Once you have completed this process, the real advantages and time savings occur. Ongoing medical updates, and the provision of permission to attend camps and excursions, will be user-friendly and efficient and the new system will completely remove the existing paper-based forms that have been received to date.

The use of this product for parental permissions will commence in 2020. What is essential, is the initial collation of accurate health information about your child.

We thank you in advance for the information that you will provide during this collation process.

Yours sincerely

Tamara Cowan
Director of Administration

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