Year 8 Camp

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Year 8 Camp

Written by Isabelle Bannerman and Madelyn Gillett, the following gives an insight into the Year 8 Camp held in Week 7 of Term 1.

Abseiling, self-defence, hiking, and rock climbing – Serpentine Camp held many activities and adventures for us to take part in.

We started on Tuesday, taking part in the 11km hike passing Serpentine Falls. Some found it exhilarating and enjoyable, whereas others found it just plain torture. It wound through the hills of the Darling Range, progressed through multiple farms and finished at Serpentine Camp, which would become our home for the next few days.

Our first day finished on a high note when we had fish and chips for dinner and the Mucky Duck Bush Band came to camp. We bopped and jived to their classic country music, performing and learning a range of original folk dances.

The next two days (Wednesday and Thursday) was when we split into our activity groups where we undertook adventures and challenges to test our abilities and skills. Like in abseiling and rock-climbing, where our fears were put to the test when we took the leap (or walk backwards/climb) of faith. In Rock and Water we learnt to face the bully by being brave and confident whilst learning about our inner selves by meditating. Mrs Nici and Mrs Martin helped us with our camp craft where we designed and decorated our hats and/or bags. We were relieved, after a hot day, to finally being able to swim in the nice cool pool (although, for some it was freezing). Great strength was used in self-defence where we kicked, ducked and punched; thanks to Eric. Low-ropes determined our level of trust and teamwork in each other. We helped each other complete the course before our time was up. And in archery…well…we found out whether or not we could be trusted using a bow and arrow, shooting at the target.

Year 8 Camp

Thanks to the Year 12s, we had a great time on Wednesday night when they organised the talent show and quiz night. The quiz put our brains to test when we were asked questions about Freddies, sport, music, science, and lots more. We were entertained by the number of performances in the talent show, which started with the humorous Loaded Diaper band. But we were blown away by Bailey Sieracki’s  piano playing, Jazmin Pye’s  remix, Asha Sewell’s and Abi Strickland’s singing, and Patrick Burnside’s magic tricks; just naming a few.

As Thursday came to a close, and our final night at camp approached, everyone headed back to their dorms to get ready for the disco. We danced the night away, and people flashed their funky side and showed some serious spunk with their awesome op-shop outfits. The night was a blast and all the students had a great time.

The last day … nobody wanted to leave. Camp had been a once in a lifetime experience and everyone was dreading the trip back to school. We concluded the camp with one of Father Noel’s original camp songs and Miss Rowland’s minute-to-win-it games. By the end of the camp we knew we were much closer with each other. New friendships had formed and older ones had been strengthened. We knew we would never forget this experience.

Thank you to all the teachers (especially Mr Harrop) for organising this amazing camp!

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