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Opti-Minds Win – Second Place Honours in National Competition

Congratulations to our Purple Team WA Opti-Minds State Champions in Language Literature, who won second place honours at the Brisbane National Championships!

Maria COLLETT 6O, Dayna DRAPER 6O, Adelynn MAH 6R, Madeleine MICHAEL 6B, Nathan O’FARRELL 6R, Tess RAFFERTY 6B and Ethan STEWART 6O had an exciting journey to Brisbane during the first week back at school this term, as they made their way to the National Championships, accompanied by myself, Mr Rudland and Mr Nagel.

Members of the Purple Team presented their theme ‘Become a Raktivist’, at the 20/20 Opti-Vision Youth Forum, and spoke about their ideas of Random Acts of Kindness, and the idea of ‘pay it forward’. The team’s idea was well received and it was carried forward for the Primary Language Literature Division for ideas for the future.

The team then competed, the next day, in another three hour lock up session and received second place honours in the National Title for Primary Language Literature and were well commended by the judges for their creative use of verse to solve the challenge. They were a very dedicated team it was easy to see from the bond in the team why they won not only the Western Australian State Championship but achieved second in Australia as nothing phased them. At all times, they were the best they could be and simply went with the flow.

The trip to Brisbane and the Championships was an extremely memorable visit as they visited the Gallery of Modern Art and the Science Museum which were unique and excitingly different.

All the 2016 Opti-MINDS teams from Frederick Irwin teams are to be commended again, as they each showed enormous dedication and commitment by coming into School for six Sundays and competing all day at Curtin University for the Regional Challenge. The students were truly challenged by these long term questions which took six weeks to complete and their results were unashamedly excellent.

Kind regards

Cheryle Rudland
Primary Learning Enrichment Teacher

Opti-Minds Nationals 2016
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