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Japanese Study Tour 2019

For three weeks in Term 3 we had the pleasure of hosting a group of 21 Japanese Study Tour students. This was organised by GOLD Intercultural Learning in conjunction with ASC International.

The Japanese students spent 39 periods with their buddies. These buddies were students from Years 7 to 11 who volunteered to look after a Japanese student, involving time before and after school as well as recess and lunchtime.

The Frederick Irwin Anglican School buddies were:

Ewen Graham Year 7
Madison Lambourne Year 7
Chyene McDonald Year 7
Bethany Paton Year 7
Elizabeth Rowe Year 7
Kiran Bailey Year 8
Lachlan Nunn Year 8
Daniel Stockil Year 8
Eryn Buckland Year 9
Bree Campbell–Smith Year 9
Felicity Gillett Year 9
Charlotte Hunter Year 9
Monique Moylan Year 9
Tess Rafferty Year 9
Katarina Supljeglav Year 9
Jaimee Thompson Year 9
Jacinta Walker Year 9
Ashlee Webb Year 9
Keeley Hockley Year 10
Tafara Manyonga Year 10
Ramon Rezvani Year 11
Jessica Sully Year 11

Students’ Reflections:

“I enjoyed my time with Natsuno. She was kind and compassionate, and she can speak English better than I can speak
Japanese! I learnt that she used to do ballet. She has a fondness for Art and English, especially poetry. She is not a big
fan of Maths and Science, and that she likes lamingtons. We had a lot in common, and it was fun to get to know her.
On one of the last days, she gave me some gorgeous pens that I have been using non–stop. Overall, Natsuno was such
a lovely and sincere person and I‘m so glad that we were paired together.”
Keely Hockley
Year 10 student

“In August this year, we had the first–ever group of Japanese students outside of our sister school, Keimei Gakuin, visit us
here in Mandurah. They joined us in many of our classes with their only guides being us and our broken Japanese. On
top of these classes, they also went on many excursions to places around Perth, including Fremantle, Curtin University
and King’s Park, without us sadly.

It was a great experience to teach the exchange students about Australian culture, especially, our buddies, Natsuno
and Kentaro, who were very receptive to our classes and even helped us with our Japanese, as we similarly helped them with their English. Over the three weeks that Natsuno and Kentaro accompanied us to our classes, we formed a great connection that is sure to last a lifetime.”
– Tafara Manyonga
Year 10 student

Japanese Study tour
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