Halls Head Campus Performing Arts Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Lesson Application 2021

The Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Music Programme in 2020 had approximately 250 students studying a variety of instruments across both campuses. As part of the continuation of this vibrant programme, we plan to offer additional places in 2021. Most places on offer are from Term 1, 2021, although additional positions do become available during the year. 

In 2021, the Performing Arts Department will continue to allow Year 3 students on a restricted basis to start Instrumental lessons. Year 3 students may apply to start Voice, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello and Classical Guitar lessons only. 

Please find below the conditions attached to joining the Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Music Programme in 2021 at Frederick Irwin. At the end of the letter are the procedures that need to be followed for new and continuing students. Please read the information carefully and if you have queries contact Jenny Crutchett, Head of Performing Arts, at the School or via jenny.crutchett@fias.wa.edu.au. 

General Points

  • Instrumental Tutors are engaged for the year based on the number of students accepted into the programme. Lessons therefore must be undertaken for the whole of the year. 
  • Students are enrolled in the Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Music Programme for a minimum of one (1) year. At various stages students will be assessed as to their continuing suitability and parents informed of their progress. A written progress report is distributed to parents and students at the conclusion of each semester. 
  • Lessons are generally delivered on a ‘one-to-one’ basis but occasionally students may be grouped together for a small ensemble rehearsal at the request of the tutor. (The full lesson cost for these lessons will still stand). 
  • In general, Instrumental lessons are most effective when begun at:
    • Voice - Year 3 and above
    • Piano - Year 3 and above
    • Classical Guitar - Year 3 and above
    • Violin/Viola/Cello - Year 3 and above
    • Flute - Year 4 and above
  • Where possible lessons will be held during class time on a rotational basis. This is to help minimise disruption to the student. Ultimately, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure they are able to attend a scheduled lesson. 


  • Lessons are billed at the rate of $32.00 per thirty-minute lesson. These lessons are held once per week during school hours.  
  • The lesson costs are in addition to School Fees and are added to the Term Account. 
  • Instrumental tuition is a long-term proposition. Lesson costs will continue to be billed to the Term Account if a student chooses to withdraw from lessons before meeting the enrolment commitment of a minimum of one (1) year. 
  • Parents may not cancel a forthcoming lesson on the day of that lesson. Students are responsible for checking lesson times on the Music Notice Boards. Parents can also access Music lesson times via the Frederick Irwin App. If there is a problem with an allocated time, the parent must contact the Music Administrative Assistant or Mrs Crutchett in the Performing Arts Office, prior to the lesson day so that any possible changes can be investigated. Please note, this is not a guarantee that you will be not charged for this lesson or your child being moved to a time later in the week. 
  • If your child is sick on the day of their lesson, charges will still apply. Where possible, your child will be moved to later in the week when they are back at school. 
  • If you choose to take holidays during the school term, lesson charges will still apply.


  • Ensemble playing is an integral area of the Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble course and as such all students are required to attend rehearsals if requested to be a participant. Ensemble attendance is an assessed item for students enrolled in the Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Music Programme. Students who are enrolled in Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Programme must ensure they are able to meet their Ensemble commitments as requested by the Head of Performing Arts

Instrument Loan

  • The Performing Arts Department has a limited number of instruments available for loan to beginning students. In 2021, if a loan instrument is available, there will be no cost attached to the loan of any instrument for the loan period of one (1) year. 
  •  Instruments available for loan in 2021 are:
    • Violin
    • Viola
    • Cello
    • Flute


  • Students are expected to purchase their own instrument at the end of the one (1) year loan period. 
  • Provision of music books etc are the responsibility of the parent. From time to time, Instrumental/Vocal tutors will ask for books to be purchased as required. 
  • A Frederick Irwin Music Diary is required for all students studying an instrument or voice. These are available from the School and cost approximately $10.00.


  • There is a requirement that students will attend performance occasions as required by the Head of Performing Arts. Performances often constitute assessment items for students enrolled in the Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Music Programme.

Process for New Applicants

  1. Please fill in the below Instrumental/Vocal Lessons Application formand place a 1st and 2nd choice of instrument. A student who cannot be considered for their first choice will then be considered for their second. 
  2. Please note if you wish your child to be considered for both instruments (not available for Year 3 students). 
  3. Submit the form, and this will be received by the Performing Arts Department.
  4. On receipt of your request, a confirmation email will be sent. 
  5. Where possible, students will be interviewed at the end of 2021 to confirm their suitability to the instrument requirements. A charge of $16.00 for this will be added to your Term Account. 
  6. Confirmation of acceptance into the Programme, where possible, will therefore be made at the end of 2021. Where this is not possible, confirmation will be made in the first two weeks of Term 1, 2022. 
  7. Lessons begin Week 2 of 2022. 
  8. Completing the form is acknowledgement that you accept the terms and conditions as outlined above.

Process for existing students
The parents of students enrolled in the Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Programme in 2021 are asked to return the attached Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble Lessons Application Form. This acknowledges that the child wishes to continue with lessons or would like to be removed from the Programme. Once a completed form has been received, a place will be retained in the Programme for students who wish to continue their studies in 2022.

Please indicate first preference
Please indicate second preference
I/We have read and understand the conditions stated in the booklet and realise that Instrumental/Vocal/Ensemble lessons are for a minimum of one (1) year as stated. I/We understand that my/our child will be required to join an ensemble as requested by the Head of Performing Arts.
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