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Current as of Friday 11 August 2017. 


Opening Hours 

Term 3 commences Wednesday 19 July 2017

Monday 12:30pm 3:30pm
Tuesday 8:00am 12:00noon
Thursday 8:00am 12:00noon
 Friday  12:30pm 3:30pm

Thursday 5 October

Friday 6 October

Monday 9 October








Volunteers Wanted for 2017

Can you spare a few hours each week or month? We would like to hear from any parent willing to volunteer some time to the school by assisting in the Uniform Shop. This would involve helping in all aspects of the operation of the shop during open hours, approximately 4 hours a week.

If any parent is interested in helping, please contact Mrs Jan Burbidge either at the Uniform Shop or via the School Office on (08) 9537 0000.


Lost Uniforms

Recently, the Uniform Shop has had several parents disappointed about lost/taken uniform items.

Please check your child’s uniforms for names. If the item is not yours, please return it to the school office as soon as possible, where the School will be able to give the item to the correct child. If you know the child, please pass it on to the owner.

Please be mindful that all items of clothing MUST have your child’s name on it. This will not only reduce the risk of lost items, which result in additional costs for families, but items can easily be returned.


Second-Hand Uniforms

Have you any uniforms that no longer fit? Re-sell them through them through the Uniform Shop. If the items are freshly laundered and in a very good condition, the Uniform Shop would like to assess them to possibly include in our second-hand section.

Forms are available from either the uniform shop, Reception or online – details needed:

  • Name and address – so payment can be deducted from your school fees – once items are sold.
  • Date purchased – this will help set the selling price.

The selling price is set at 60% of the original price, and then you received 75% of this new selling price.

Unfortunately, any items that have been taken in cannot be returned if either unsuitable or unsold.


Dry Cleaning your Blazer

The first rule is that blazers should never be home-laundered. Treat your blazer like any suiting jacket – which is dry clean only. Just like a suit, blazers have high quality fabric (containing wool) together with fusing and lining which must be professionally cleaned. A quality dry cleaner should be used where possible.

The above said, there are some dry cleaners that do not always dry clean in accordance with garment specifications. The primary complaint about dry cleaning is over-heating. When a blazer is over-heated, the fusing (used to make collars and the lapel maintain shape) will come away from the fabric and result in bubbles, a wave pattern or bulging. An experienced dry cleaner will know this and can prevent this from happening.

Frederick Irwin’s blazer manufacturer recommends using a larger-scale dry cleaner rather than small shopping centre-based dry cleaners. Larger volume dry cleaners tend to be more professional and have experience with special garments. If you are in any doubt, do not be afraid to ask questions about the dry cleaner’s practices and knowledge.

Sound dry cleaning practices will ensure your blazer will last longer.

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