Secondary Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student leadership, mentoring and providing positive role models is important in all aspects our School.

In the Secondary School, our senior students in Year 12 can be elected as School Prefects or House Seniors. They provide support and leadership throughout the School and also to their House through House Councils.

Year 11 students can be elected as House Assistants in support of the House System. Selected Year 11 students also provide support and leadership to our Year 7 students as Peer Support Leaders.

2017  Prefects 

Thomas Bannerman  
Rhett Cheney  
Tiffany Chisolm-Gardner  
Sasha Cransberg Ellis House Prefect
Olivia Dowding Sports Prefect
Karina Graham Jamieson House Prefect
Kahlia Hay  
Benton Hays  
Sean Hill Chapel Prefect
Lucy Jones  
Callum Leather Barrett House Prefect
Connor McCreary Rose House Prefect
Sophia Pritchard  
Jack Richardson Performing Arts Prefect
Timothy Rogers  
Madeline Sheehan Gordon House Prefect
Emily Smith Arnold House Prefect
Dean Storer Head Prefect
Nadia Strachan  
Aston Summers  
Jayde Watts Primary Liaison Prefect
Marizaan Williams Head Prefect
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